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Where babies and toddlers thrive

Babies and toddlers are nurtured, loved, and deeply cared for.

All Jump care and learning has been intentionally developed so children experience age-appropriate academic concepts as well as self-regulation skills. With purpose-built facilities, children can explore, create, and engage in ways that suit their likes, wants, and unique personalities.  

Junior Jump is split into two age-based care groups. However, our adaptable approach to engaging with your child means they’ll be in the environment that’s best-suited for their development.  

The Early Years Learning Framework guides the pedagogy and practice of our programs. 

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Junior Jump 1 and 2

Six-months to two-years 

Our beautiful babies and toddlers are adored, nurtured, and loved. Babies from six-months to two-years are generally found in these rooms. 

JJ1 and JJ2 are large, warm, and relaxing environments for babies and little ones to gently explore, grow, and learn. Our Jump spaces share knowledge, Educators, and resources to build trust, familiarity, and strong, healthy relationships. 

Junior Jump 3

Two-years and over 

Children from two-years-old are generally found in JJ3. 

Our older toddlers love exploring and playing under the loving supervision of Jump Educators. Every day, they learn new concepts and have opportunities to build, grow, create, play, get messy, and discover project topics.

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Book a tour

Our tours have limited numbers. Book a tour to visit our amazing centre for yourself and see how the day runs.


A parent partnership

We work alongside parents and families to create a team-approach that holistically supports the child’s development, learning, and wellbeing. By working together, we’re able to create greater stability and consistency for each child while they explore and practice skills fostering independence and self-regulation at Jump.  

“Jump is like a family.

Jump is more than a daycare centre — they’re like a family. Abbi and Poppy have thrived in Jump and grown up with many of the educators. We’ve been there since the baby room opened in 2015 and highly recommend the service, facilities, and most of all, the beautiful Educators. 

– Ariana, Parent 

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