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Welcome to the Pre-Kindy | Kindy Program.

JJ4 caters for Pre-Kindy children. Pre-Kindy children, from three years old, may attend the second of our Pre-Kindy options, alongside Kindy aged children (up to five years old) in our Pre Kindy | Kindy House.

Children begin to develop self-awareness of intentional actions and understand the actions of others. They also develop skills to monitor their own goals, leading to collaboration and cooperation with others. Pre-Kindy children engage in learning that prepares them for school.


Junior Jump 4 and Pre-Kindy | Kindy House

We help foster this stage in their development by creating a balance of academic concepts and self-regulation skills.

Children are given the opportunity to intentionally play with others, engage in conversation, and participate mindful learning. They’re also encouraged to practice and master skills in Jump’s play-based environment. 

The Early Years Learning Framework guides the pedagogy and practice of our programs. 

“An inclusive community. 

This is such a friendly and caring environment. We’ve sent two kids here and Jump have always cared when our family was going through difficulties.  

– John, Parent